Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera

Top 10 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera in 2020

Looking for a way to stop burglars or thieves breaking in your house or Do you want to keep an eye on your house when you are not at home. 

An Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera can do the above given or related tasks for you while you are relaxing at your couch or enjoying outdoors with your family. 

As you would have known by now, this guide is about a light which can take a picture at a hint of someone when it is dark outside. Also no need to worry about lights bill as they only throw light  when there is a movement.

Given below features are the standard in every light as the prerequisites of this List.

  • Water & Weather Proof  
  • Motion Detection Sensor   
  • A Bright Light with Camera

We have done the inspection of such lights to save you some time and effort. Before that here is a quick list for the Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera amongst the all other lights as per our review.

List of Top 10 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera in 2022

Reviews & Specs of Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera in 2022

People’s Choice for Motion Sensored Light with a Camera 

 Ring’s Floodlight with Motion-Activated Camera 

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This light with motion sensor camera is a Clear People’s Choice when it comes to buying such types Surveillance lights. You can place it in your backyard & garden and make it a secure and safe place. 

With a Total of 16,000 + Rating & around 80% of them are 5 star speak about their quality and service.

Also if you need a couple of spots in your house where you are planning to deploy such security lights then these are best becoz you will be able to see the pictures and the 60 days Recording of all the cameras in just $ 10 monthly plan.

Key Features – 

  • See everything Clear – Coming with 1800 Lumens of flood lights & 1080p HD Live view, you can not miss anything whether you are at home or not.
  • Motion Activated Siren & Alerts –  As some one comes in its motion sensor range, you will get a notification at your mobile, also you can remotely activate the siren or set it on automatically. 
  • Connects with Alexa and Two way talk –  You can give commands to this security light with cam via connecting with Alexa. Also due to its built in speaker and microphone you talk to your visitor at the same time.
  •  Control it with App –  You can see live what is going on in your backyard or manage the lights setting or activate the siren manually at just a tap of finger by Ring App

Editor’s Choice for Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera  

Home Zone Security Floodlight Camera – Smart 2.4 GHz Wireless 1080P Outdoor Security Flood Light Camera, No Subscription Required

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera

This Outdoor Flood Light with a 1080P full HD live streaming Camera is one of the Best In Terms of Value for your Money. It does not only keep your outdoors safe but helps you as well if you are coming home at night. 

This has all the Mandatory Features an outdoor motion sensor lights should have. Making it a complete outdoor security solution.

Fully Adjustable Motion Activated Lights, with its movable lighting head & adjustable camera you can set it as per desired areas.

Key Features – 

  • Good Build Quality – Made from Aluminium Die Casting body ensures that it is stable & durable in the long run. 
  • Don’t Miss anything – 150 Degree Viewing Angle of Camera with 1080 Full HD Camera means that you get a great coverage.
  • In Built Storage – You will get 128 GB, Memory Card capacity in these lights so you don’t need to pay for money in order to see your videos.
  • Good Brightness – This Flood Lights gives your great illumination of 2600 Lumens with 4500 K color temperature    
  • Get Alert at Mobile –  You can view the videos or photos at your mobile by connecting to Home Zone Smart App.

Also you can perform functions like alarming the siren of 110dB along with operating it. It is also Alexa Compatible.

  • One year of Service Support with FCC Certification –  Also get customer support of one year for any issue. 

Best Economical Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera  

Anbes 1080P HD WiFi Floodlight ,Outdoor Security Camera Home Surveillance with Two-Way Audio, IP65 Waterproof, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Activity Alert, 32GB Micro SD Card

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera

This is one the Best Priced Outdoor Motion Sensor Light With Camera. It has all the basic functionality that outdoor security lights should have.

Why is it economical to answer that question? It does not have the cloud storage capability but it can Support a Microsd Card of 128 GB and you will get a 32GB micro sd card with this light for free. 

Also it has a Great Siren Alarm of 110 db to which no intruder can stand and make everyone alert around.  All in all a great option within the budget.

Key Features – 

  • Great Lighting – With this you get a 2400 Lumen flood light which brightness can be adjusted via app so great option for backyard, garden or for your front door.
  • HD Video with 120 degree of PIR Detection – It has a 192 x 1080 resolution camera with night vision motion sensor which covers a great range so you won’t miss anything.
  • All the standard Features – Like two way communication system, IP 65 Waterproofing, Great 110 db siren alarm, alert notifications and email. 
  • In-built Storage – You don’t need to pay a monthly subscription to watch the videos as it has a built in SD card slot where you insert upto 128 GB card.

 Solar powered Motion Sensor Lights with a Camera  

Onforu Solar Security Light with Camera, LED Floodlight, WiFi 1080P Home Security Camera with Siren Alarm, Night Vision, Waterproof Flood Light with Remote

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This is not only a light with camera and motion sensors but it is also a Great Energy Saving option when it comes to lighting up your outdoors.

No more worries about leaving your home alone. Due to its 132 Degree wide angle camera & infrared night vision.

No intruder can come to its radar due to the Premium PIR Motion Sensor detector which can detect any activity upto 26 ft. 

Key Features – 

  • Waterproof – IP54 Waterproofing ensures that it keeps on working in rainy conditions outside.
  • Mobile Notifications & Operations –  An APP supported Camera will send you the alert upon picking up any activity and to prevent any damage you can trigger the siren.

Also you can communicate with anyone from its two way communication system. 

  • Rotatable and Adjustable – It has three light heads and each of them is flexible. 
  • Remote Control Assistance – Also if there are some who are not so mobile friendly then a remote control is there to help them out.
  • Complimentary 16 GB Card Included – You will get a 16 GB micro sd card and it is expandable up to 128 GB Max

Battery Operated  Motion Sensor Spot Light Camera 

 Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera | Wire-Free, 2K Video & HDR | Color Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, 6-Month Battery Life, Motion Activated, Direct to WiFi, No Hub Needed, 160° View | Works with Alexa | White

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera

Do you want an Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera, which you can Install in No time. Without any Wiring

No we are not joking, this Floodlight Camera with Battery can save a lot of headache while installing them.

This light can Perform All The Serious Tasks Of An Outdoor Motion Security Light and last upto six month without replacing the batteries.

Key Features –  

  • Ease of Installation – This light doesn’t need any wiring or any complicated process to be installed.
  • Two Additional Power Option – Though these lights are primarily battery operated but you can add a solar panel or an outdoor charging power for continuous charging.
  • Clearer HD Videos – With 2K HDR Videos , You get the clearer picture to which you can zoom and see the details. 

Also the Camera has colored night vision

  • Works with Alexa with Two way Communication  – This lights is compatible with Alexa for a handsfree application. Also you can talk to visitors or alike easily with a 2 way audio system.
  • Upto 3000 Lumens of Lights – If used with its outdoor cable this light can produce a lume of upto 3000 otherwise upto 2000 lumens.
  • Customization with the App – You can trigger siren or adjust the brightness of lights and other related task via Arlo App.

A Super Bright Light of 3600 Lumen with Motion Sensor & Camera 

 SANSI Stellar Floodlight Camera, Motion-Activated HD Security Cam, Two-Way Audio Talk and Siren Alarm, WiFi, Outdoor Smart Home Security Light, Motion Sensor LED Flood Light

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera

Next light is for those who want to do Heavy Duty, motion sensor activated outdoor lights with cameras. 

With a Patented Technology this lights solves your outdoor lighting problem with ease while keeping an eye on your outdoors. Also this is a waterproof light which can function in rains  as well.

It is an App Operated Light and can do all the setting of light via smart mobile phone app.

Key Features – 

  • PIR Infrared Sensor – 270 Degree Motion Sensor Angle & 140 degree Video angle ensure that you don’t miss anything. Don’t forget the lights are 3600Lm.
  • One App Does it All – You can operate the siren, talk to visitors, set the motion alerts, watch videos or change lights setting via its user friendly app.
  • Worry Free Lights  who will not be stress free if you get one year of unlimited warranty for any issue which can come along.
  • In Built Memory –  You don’t have to pay for any services to see your videos and 16 GB cards can be installed and watch videos as per your convenience.

An Outdoor Bulb with Motion Sensor & Camera 

Sengled Floodlight Security Camera Outdoor Full HD 1080P Security Camera WiFi with Color Night Vision Motion-Activated Two-Way Talk Works with Alexa, Waterproof Cameras Surveillance Wireless


If we will tell you that A Bulb Can Be Your Next Outdoor Security Device. Will you believe it, if not then read on what is coming. It will change your opinion.

This bulb can be placed in any regular bulb holder ( Socket Type is E 26 ) making it One Of The Easiest Options To Install And Fix. Considering that you have an existing fitting of holder.

This small bulb has the features which can be found in any of the fancy outdoor lights with motion sensor & camera.

It is also compatible with home automation as it can be Paired Up With Alexa and can be functioned with voice control. 

Key Features – 

  • Ease of Installing – As this is a bulb which is installable in any E 26 Socket so this is very useful in those conditions where putting up similar lights can be difficult.
  •  Made for Outdoors –  Since this bulb is IP 65 Waterproof so it is functional is all types of weather outside.
  • WiFi Enabled – This bulb can be connected to the internet via 2.4 ghz wifi after that you can see all the activity on your mobile phone via its app.

It can dectech motion and send you the alert. Also it has built in microphone so that you 

Can communicate with visitors.

  • Rich Features – It has the most of the features like cloud storage, full colored night vision, a 1080 HD camera & a 140 degree viewing and motion detection sensor, making it a complete security bulb.

Best Siren Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera

Amcrest SmartHome 1080p WiFi Outdoor Security Camera with Floodlight

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera

This one is a Serious Contender For The Editor Choice but due to its cost it could not make the cut. 

This is Professional Outdoor Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera, which can solve almost all of your outdoor security needs. Coming with a loud 110 db of siren alarm which can go away an intruder in seconds.

You can talk to people, blow the strong siren, receive the notification once the motion is captured & watch the HD videos, thus making it a Complete Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera

Key Features – 

  • 3 Mode of Flood Lights & Camera – You can choose from 3 operational modes for Lights & Camera and those are manual, automatic or sensor triggered.
  • 270° PIR Sensor with 114° Camera Angle – No burglar can hide from such a high range camera and PIR Sensor. 
  • Multiple Storage Option –  You get both micro sd card storage of up to 256 GB with an optional cloud base paid storage.
  • Smart Camera Light –  This motion sensored light is compatible with Alexa or you can also manage it via Amcrest Smart Home App. 

A Smart looking Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera

FREECAM Floodlight Camera with Motion Lighting,HD 1080P Outdoor Security WiFi Camera with Night Vision,Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm, Built-in 16GB SD Card and Support Cloud Storage L910SL

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What you have seen till now is going to be a bit bulky in front of this Nice & Cute Type Security Light With A Camera. 

It has a preey slim & smart vertical design which gives it DoorBell kind of feeling but don’t go by it look as it can outperform many of its competitors by a huge margin. Let’s find out why –

Key Features – 

  • No False Alarm – With its AI Motion detect technology it only activates once it sees the human body and don;t give any false alarm to an animal. 
  • 30 Ft range of Motion Detector –  It has a wide 180 degree PIR detection angle so it is hard to pass by it also light and siren can go off as soon as some come in the range of motion detector that is 30 feet.

You will also get a zone detection option in case you want to focus on some specific points.

  • Two Way Communication with Two Storage Options – You get a built in 16 GB micro card along with cloud based storage option as well.

With an in built microphone you can talk to visitors or talk to delivery boys without leaving your chair.

  • 2400 Lumen Flood Light – Don’t worry about the lighting as it has a 2400 Lumen flood light which easily lights up an back yard or garden alike. 

Best Camera Quality in Budget for Outdoor & Indoor Use  

HeimVision 2K outdoor Security Camera, Wi-Fi Wireless Bullet Camera with Floodlight, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Motion Detection, Siren Alarm, Message Alert, MicroSD/Cloud Storage, Weatherproof, HM311


This is a compact looking Light Camera with a Solid Picture Quality then this is the product for you. This is an app controlled smart camera with two flood lights.

Although the lighting is not that great but it compensate that with its Ultra Hd Picture Quality of 3 MP (2304*1296P)  

Great Colored Night Vision range of upto 98 ft make sure that you know if someone is about to break in way before he does that.

Key Features – 

  • AI Human Detection Technology – With its latest motion activated technology, it will alert you as a intruder tries to break in & Don’t give false alarm to other objects.
  • Micro SD Card & Cloud Storage – It support of sd card upto 128 GB & also you can record you video in their cloud based storage & for that you get free 30 day trial.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Uses – Due to its compact size and less strong light,  it can be used in indoor as well. 
  • Two way Communication with Motion Detection Zones – You select which area to have motion alert on and you also two way communication facility with this light.

A Buying Guide & Tips for Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights With Camera

  1. Calculate your Area – Before selecting an outdoor motion light, you should mark and note your area. 

Like how big your garden or yard and then accordingly assess how much or many lights you will need for that. Also check the motion sensor range as well.

  1. Wired or Non Wired – Both options are available in the list but majority of them are wired. So you don’t like wiring or your situation does not allow for any wiring then go to a battery powered light.
  2. Storage – If you don’t like paying for a monthly subscription for saving & watching your videos then go for lights which have both the option in built memory and cloud based storage just in case if it’s needed.
  3. Motion Detection Zone – This feature is quite handy if you are installing your light in your garden where your Children or pets play.  In that case you can set your Motion Detection Zones. This will only send you an alert when some activity happens only in that zone, not in the entire viewing angle of the camera like the entry gate or some specific area in your garden where you don’t want anyone to go or enter. 
  4. Height of the Light – To get the best output you should place the light at optimal height which ensures the camera coverage is efficient and secure.
  5. Go for AI triggered Light – If your budget allows then try to go for a lights which only triggers when there is human interference instead of any object like pets or plants movement which saves you from false alarm.

Conclusion –

Adding a Motion sensor based light that too with a camera can seriously increase your house security with spending too much amount.

These Smart Camera integrated lights not only provides your light and security but can also help you keeping an eye on your Children  & Pets While they are playing in garden.

Also since they are motion activated, your electricity bill will not be giving you any headache.

Hope you liked the above given information. 

As you know festive season is on its way if you are looking for some light which can improve the aesthetic of you garden then check out this wonderful guide on Garden Hanging Lights.