How to Decorate a 12 foot Christmas Tree

How to Decorate a 12 foot Christmas Tree

Decorating anything can be a headache sometimes but when it comes to the Christmas tree which you are going to decorate this coming Christmas especially for your little ones, can be a tricky task. Over here you will see, How to Decorate a 12 foot Christmas Tree in no time.

If you have a big Christmas tree size like around 10 or 12 feet then it can become a daunting task if you don’t plan it beforehand.

It is very simple process if you follow up the guides given below – 


  • A Christmas Tree – Of Course : ) 
  • Lights
  • The Tree Topper aka Star of the Tree 
  • Garland and Fabrics
  • Ornaments & Baubles 
  • Ribbons & Fillers
  • Tree Skirt for Hiding the Base ( optional )
  • A  8 ft Ladder and some one to help considering that you are not 12ft tall.
  • Any other decorative items which you may like to add.

Let’s Start  

Tree Theme – 

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Best way if you don’t want to invest ages in perfecting your Christmas tree design is to have it decorated around a theme. 

Theme can be based upon  a color scheme like classic red or upon a style or mood like snow white or a rustic one. Choose accordingly and purchase the ornaments, fabric, Ribbons and other accessories as per your theme.

You can also use any recent event to be used as a tree theme but in that case you need to get some elements that go with your chosen theme.

Setting up your Tree

One thing here to focus whatever theme or color you are going to choose, you need to have a high-quality tree stand as you will be building a 12 feet tall tree so you don’t want any things to go wrong with stability or quality for that matter.

First Set your Christmas tree as per manufacturer’s manual, make sure the background is not messy and try to put it before a light background as the contrast will be better and the overall look of the tree will come out nicely.

Branch out all the branches and spread them evenly and make it bushier.  Creates a nice background and puts some gifts over there. Having a light background also can improvise your gift’s look which you are placing.

While setting up this kind of big Christmas tree one thing which you need to make sure is that you put up the 1st part of the base first, Don’t forget to check the parts while setting it up. You can also cover your Tree base with designer base covers if you want.

You also need to make sure that there is enough space left between the tree and ceiling. At least a 2-foot gap is an ideal between the tree and ceiling. 

Also, measure your tree height along with Tree Topper for example if you have 12 feet tall tree and 1-foot tall tree topper then the total height will be 13 feet.

Putting some Lights Tree

How to Decorate a 12 foot Christmas Tree

Lights can make or break the look and feel of the tree, using too dull light will make your tree less attractive, and using high brightness light can convert it into an uncomfortable tree to look at. 

A general thumb rule is to use around 100 light per foot of the tree. For example, if you have a 12 feet long tree then total lights should be around 1200 in nos. 

You can use white or warm lights as per you like but we would recommend using warms lights with one or two colored lights depending upon what colors you are using. 

Furthermore, there are no sets of rules on what color of lights we should be choosing as it totally depends on what kind of ornament, baubles, ribbons you are using but these should be in sync.

Don’t limit yourself and be creative and see what you can come up with. Mix up multiple lights and see what best color combination you can create.

If you need to connect multiple led lights then see this guide here

Decorating with Garland & Fabric-

After Lighting you can start putting up Garland, Fabric. You need to place it in a symmetrical manner. It doesn’t have to be perfect but as long as gaps between are equal, it will be fine. You can also use some transparent fabrics as per your color scheme.

Around 10 Feet Garland per foot of tree will do fine. You want to stick with a theme that would save a lot of time thinking about what will look good where. You can also use some colorful ribbon to make it look more attractive. 

Use Filler – 

After Adding all the above items if you still think that your tree is looking empty in some spaces then you can add some Tree Fillers. 

There is an endless number of options out there, just go out and grab some as per our designs or choice. Fillers also improve the looks of your tree.

Adding Baubles & Ornaments – 

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Ideally, you should have three sizes of ornament Big, Medium, and Small. Starts with Big Ornament then medium and lastly small to cover all the space left. 

As you have a big size tree you want to use at least three to four colors in Baubles in different sizes. Also, we can also use some flowers if wanted along with twigs and berries

Ending with Tree Topper – 

After doing all this hard work, one final step remains: to add a beautiful Tree Topper. It can be anything as long as it looks awesome and goes with your theme. 

You can also make your own Tree Topper. It has to be cheerful and unique and should merge with your Tree.

Tree Skirt – 

You may want to add a tree skirt for hiding it base which may look odd some time if not already covered by the tree and is visible. In that you need to add a tree skirt which ultimately increases the overall look and feel of the tree.

Finally, don’t dwell to much on How to Decorate a 12 foot Christmas Tree. as designing a tree is not science, it is an art. You can be expressive and always experiment something new. It needs to show your awesome personality that goes into designing that tree.

If you need some more inspiration then check out this page to get some more Christmas decoration ideas this site will give you end no of ides on How to Decorate a 12 foot Christmas Tree.

I hope you will have fun decorating your own tree I hope these ideas are useful to you so have a very blessed season