Lamp Sizes Chart for different lamps

Lamp Sizes Chart

Lamps are a great way to decorate any part of your home. They come in endless designs and heights and types. Adding a lamp to the study table, in your bedroom, or in your drawing room can increase the appeal of any space. This Lamp Sizes Chart guide will help you to understand lamps in a better way. Have a look at it.

They are just not pieces of art or design. They are very useful in lit up any place. You can choose from any of the lights available in the market. Cool White, Warm, White. Just put up the desired lampshade and you will get that perfect light for any of your needs.

Choosing a Lamp anywhere in your house sometimes can be tricky if you don’t know the basics of How to select a Lamp. In this article, we will discuss some basics of it and share it with you with the lamp size chart which can help you.

Putting the wrong lamp in your house can break or make the look of your house. So consider the below-given guide and choose the best lamps which suit your requirements.

We have divided this post according to the relevance of where you generally put the Lamps so accordingly you can check.

This is a Lamp’s size chart for your reference, further details are given in each section. Kindly go through accordingly. Kindly note these examples are just for references, actual dimensions can be changed according to personal choices and situations.

Quick look of Lamp Sizes Chart

AreaTable HeightLamp Total HeightLamp Base HeightLamp Shade Height
Living Room 30 Inches 30 Inches 18 Inches 12 Inches 
Bedroom 24 Inches28 Inches 17 Inches 11 Inches 
Desk Lamps for Bigger Table30 Inches 18 Inches 12 Inches 
Study Lamp  24 Inches 14-15 Inches 8-10 Inches 
Lamp Sizes table

Lamps for Living Room

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The living room of a house is the heart of any house. You spend most of the time over here along with your family. You watch movies here and party with your family and friends. Lamps here should be welcoming and create a nice & warm ambiance.

A general rule of thumb is to place a lamp where the Lamp base should end at the eye level of you while seated. So if you are installing a standing lamp or table lamp or a side lamp to a sofa sitting, do keep this thing in mind. 

If you are installing a lamp near to your sitting, you would mind keeping the above-given point but you can also put bigger lamps in height if the living room is spacious enough.

Another important thing to remember if you are placing the lamp on the table is that you don’t want the lamp in total height to be greater than 1.5 times then table. For example, if you have a table that’s height is 2 feet then you don’t want to put a lamp which is more than 3 feet in height.

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Lamps for Bedroom

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Ideally, your side lamps for your bed should be around 50 – 55 inches in total height including your side lamp height. That depends on your bed height. If your bed is 24 inches tall and your side table is also 24 inches tall then you can put a lamp on it which should not be more than 30 inches height.

You want your lampshade to end around at the chin level while seated in your bed. Another important thing to consider while choosing any table lamp is that the lamp base and lame shade ratio should be around 40:60 or 50:50. For example, your lamp body is 18 inches then lamp shade height should be around 7.2 inches or so.

Next thing is to remember is the Width Ratio of a lamp between its body and shade. Ideally, you want to maintain a 100:50 ratio between your lamp shade width and lamp body. For example, if your lampshade is 18 inches wide then your lamp body should not be more than 9 inches in width. 

Also, you need to consider the table lamp shade and table base ratio as well. You should be having a wide table then lamp shade. A 100:60 ratio between lamp table base and lampshade should do good. For example, if your table base is around 24” then your lampshade should be around 15 inches or so. Also, try to not clutter the table with objects.   

The above-given points are just some general indications of how a table lamp should be. Most importantly you want to have a stable lamp with good height so that light straight does not fall at your eyes.

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Lamp Sizes Chart for Desk Lamps or Study Lamps

Lamp Sizes Chart for Desk Lamps

While selecting Lamps for your Study table or for your office desk, the most important thing to consider is the Light of the lamp. It should be powerful enough so that you don’t need to put any strain on your eyes while working or studying. 

If you can get a lamp which has a light dimmer in it then it will be great as you need different lights at different parts of the day. Some lamps come with multiple lights options like cool, warm, and white. You can switch between lights and increase or decrease their lights as well.

If you have a larger Desk Table like 4-6 ft in length or so then you may need to consider a bigger height lamp as lamp light needs to cover a big area. In this case, you can go for a 30-inch height lamp for this case.

For the Study purposes or for a focused area you can go for a lamp which is around 15- 20 inches in height. These lamps are better when you are performing a focused task such as writing or reading.

When it comes to lamps, Lampshades play a big role while choosing your lamp. Next time we will definitely write something about Lampshades.  

Further, if you need solar lamps there many variations available out there. In case if you would like to know how solar lights works see this post over here.

I hope the above-given Lamp Sizes Chart & ideas and information might help you in choosing your perfect lamp. Lamps are the essential part of any house and lighting of any house is incomplete without lamps.