Best Smart Christmas Lights in 2023

Best Smart Christmas Lights

If you want to do something different this time and have not used the smart Christmas lights yet then going for one can be a game changer. There are endless options for decorating your house with lights but smart lights are a different world together. Let’s see what are the Best Smart Christmas Lights in 2023 options are out there.

Also if you don’t want to invest in these lights then also there is an option at the end of smart plug which can convert your string light into smart ones.

Also we have given some tips and tricks for before selecting smart lights for Christmas. Do check that section at the end of this article.

Given below is a Quick List of selected Smart Lights that are one of the best in their category & have been People’s choice therefore.

Best in Value –  

 Twinkly Smart Decorations Custom LED String Lights 

“ Multicolor, App Controlled, Music Sync, Wi-Fi Enabled, Multiple Patterns” 

Smart Christmas Lights for Outdoor  –

ELlight Outdoor String Lights 

“ Water Proof, App Control, Dream Colors Mode ” 

Smart Lights under Budget –

Smart WiFi Control RGB Fairy String Light

“ Voice Control, Remote & App Control, Waterproof & USB Connection” 

Smart Led Strip Lights –

Govee LED Strip Lights

“ Works with Elexa, Wi-Fi Control, Bright 5050 Led” 

Led Smart Bulb  –

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Bulb

“Plug in & Play, Bluetooth Control, Works with Elexa ” 

Smart Led Flood Lights – 

RGB Bluetooth Smart Floodlights

“ Outdoor Waterproof, Bluetooth & App Control with Timing & Group Control Function”

Smart Plug for Existing Lights-

Treatlife Smart Dimmer Plug 

“ Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, WiFi Outlet Remote Control ”


In depth product details and their specifications for Best Smart Christmas Lights 

Best in Value –  

 Twinkly Smart Decorations Custom LED String Lights

Best Smart Christmas Lights
Smart Phone Christmas Lights

Twinkly is one of the best manufacturers of Smart Led String Lights. These lights are the one of the best packages in terms of value for money. These lights are a complete smartphone Christmas lights.

250 Multicolor RGB Lights come with easy to set up Bluetooth connection. You can also create your own lighting pattern or effect or simply choose one of the available lighting segments.

Key Features : 

  • Voice Control – Compatible with Alexa or with Google Assistant so that you can command your lights to be your slave ; )  
  • App Controlled – These Smart String Lights are controlled by Twinkly App which is available on Google Play or Apple Store. 
  • Iot Ready – Twinkly Smart String lights have one the best options a smart lights can have. Wi-Fi enabled, Bluetooth Connectivity, Light Mapping, Music Sync, Customized Lighting pattern. You name it and it has it. 
  • Best String Light for a Christmas Tree : With more than 16 million of color in these small 250 Led lights gives you one the best christmas tree decorations. Its color mapping system and you can customize almost every single led.  
  • Bit Expensive – It comes as bit expensive as compared to other lights but as youI know every good thing costs something but still is hard to beat them.

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Smart Christmas Lights for Outdoor  

ELlight Outdoor String Lights 

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Next pick is for your outdoor smart lighting needs, which you can use not only in christmas but for wedding, party or for any celebration. Lit up your backyard with these lights and start the magic with your finger.

This 30 Ft 100 Smart Led String lights are IP 65 waterproof and it can withstand almost all types of seasons. Perfect partner for your Outdoor Christmas Lighting requirements.

Key Features : 

  • Dream Color Mode – With 120 Dynamic Color Mode / Railbow Mode does create magical ambience. Brightness and Speed of lights can also be controlled.
  • Complete Waterproof Smart String Lights- Some lights come with only String Light being waterproof but with this light you will get a Waterproof Extension Cord , Waterproof Water Supply and Waterproof Controller Box.  
  • Controlled By App – Like other Smart Lights, it is controllable with “ LED Hue “ App available at various App Download Center.
  • No Music Syncing – This Light can not sync with music that means your lights will be able to dance with you.

Smart Led Lights under Budget –

Smart WiFi Control RGB Fairy String Light

Best Smart Christmas Lights

Have you got sad after seeing the price of the best smart lights string lights for christmas, then this light will not disappoint you. A major price difference can be seen when compared with same functions lights.

Don’t think you will miss any of the important features which you generally get in smart string lights. In Fact it beats its other competitor by a big margin. Just look at its features and decide for yourself.

This is seriously one the best smart christmas lights under this budget. Not only this is less expensive but these are safe and secure as well as these smart string lights are waterproof excluding controllers.

Also they have copper wire so they are easy to mold and remain cool in the long run.

Key Features : 

  • USB Connector – Apart from regular power plug they have usb power connector as well which means you can light them up with your laptop, powerbank or usb plug.
  •  Remote & App Controlled – This lights has both the options of operating. A remote & app control option. This Wi-Fi enabled smart string lights given 16 million of color choices. 
  • Smart Voice Assistants Control –  Alexa, Google Home, Siri, IFTTT Control along with Music Syncing. 
  •  Dimmable & Lights Patterns – Adjust their brightness and 20 different lighting patterns for your mood.  

Smart Led Strip Lights 

Govee 32.8ft LED Strip Lights Works with Alexa Google Home, Wireless Smart App Control RGB Light Strip Kit

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Your Christmas Celebration may need a different lighting solution at times where led string lights don’t work. For such instances a Smart Led Strip Light can work fantastic, they are easy to install, have more flexibility and you can use them almost anywhere you want.

This smartphone christmas Led Strip lights is from Govee which is one of the hot selling brands in the smart lighting domain. 

This 32.8 Ft Smart Led Strip is bright as they use Bright 5050 Led lights so that you can don’t face low light problems like other LED strips.

By looking at its features, we can safely say that it is the best smart led strip for your Christmas or for any purpose.

Key Features : 

  • Voice Controlled Led Strip – These smart led strip lights are voice controlled with Alexa, Google Home, Acho
  • Wi-Fi Enabled with Multi Functions –   Govee Smart Led Strip comes with Wi-Fi and lots of exciting features such as timer, 4 DIY Modes , Music Modes & 7 Scene option so that you never run out of lighting options.
  • Brightness Adjustable – With 16 million color, this RGB smart led strip light are easily adjustable in brightness 
  • Music Syncing  –  These led strips are not only intelligent but they are also fun as they can connect with your music and be your dance partner.

Led Smart Bulb  –

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance, Smart Bulb, Bluetooth, Works with Alexa & Google Assistant

Best Smart Christmas Lights Bulb

Sometimes decorating your christmas with Led String lights or with Led strip light or for any kind of lights can be just too much if you are not in mood. For such occasions using a smart led bulb for your christmas decoration can be mood lifting. 

Coming from one of most reputable consumer companies, Philips. These bulbs are not like your other ordinary bulb, Apart from given lights they can take commands, Wake your up & do a lot of things.

Key Features : 

  • Smart Bulb – This bulb can be operated from App and you can also operate it from voice assistants  such as google assistant, alexa. 
  •  Remote option – You also get a remote option in it if you are not a big fan of apps which gives you more control and some other options as well, plz check the product page.
  • Connect Multiple Bulbs – You can connect multiple bulbs, upto 10. If you want to connect more than you need hue hub. 
  • Great Lifetime – 25,000 lifetime hours or approximately 22 years this much of life time this bulb as that means awesome savings.

Smart Led Flood Lights – 

LED Flood Light, Outdoor Color Changing Led Stage Landscape Lighting, RGB Bluetooth Smart Flood Lights Timing & Music Sync

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You can take your outdoor christmas celebration to another level by installing these smart flood lights at this christmas.

Offered by Melpo this Smart Color Changing Led flood lights are super bright and can light up enough area for a party outdoors and when we say party, yes they can sync with your music as well.

These Smart Led flood lights have all the functions required to be a smart light. Just check their specs.

Key Features : 

  • Connect with Bluetooth – Change their colors, On/Off them by App Control. Also you can set timers as per your need.
  • Multiple Light Connection – You can connect multiple lights together this is quite useful and when you are looking to light up a big area.
  • App Control – As usual this smart led flood light can function with the help of App. You can change its lights from 20 of the available modes.
  • Dimmable and Waterproof – These lights are IP66 waterproof and you can adjust their brightness to set the mode. 

Smart Plug for Existing Lights

Treatlife Smart Dimmer Plug 


Ok Why do you go on & spend those Dollars if you already have your basement filled up with your existing String lights which you have collected all those years. 

You will say, we want the latest and the best then you can choose from the above options but what if you want those dollars to be spent on some more important things in that case there is a magic plug which can create your existing String lights into somewhat a smart String light.

Next option is just about to do that. A smart plug can perform similar functions to your existing String lights. Let’s check out how we can do that.

Key Features : 

  • Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible – This plug can take commands from you & you can set the brightness and on/off the light with just your voice.
  • Do work in Outdoor –  You can also add them to your patio light as they are IP44 Waterproof means you can use this plug in stormy or wet conditions outside.
  •   No App Control – Read it again, App Control is there and can be accessed via Smart Life APP/ TreatLife APP.
  • Add more than one Lights – You can add multiple lights and group them but make sure you do not add more than 400W in one plug.

There are some other notable options as well like this Smart Vintage Edison Bulb String Light and this Smart Lamp  for your kids.Check these out and let us if you like those.

Some Tips before Choosing Best smart Christmas lights in 2023.

Length Estimation – 

Measure how much string lights or strands or Led strip are required for your decoration. If you’re decorating your big Christmas tree then check out this guide before that.

Budget –

These smart lights are a bit expensive as compared to their normal counterparts, there are some economical options as well. If you have a limited budget then don’t overspend on these or on any decorating light as you never know what will be in fashion next year.

Use the Smart Plug with Smart Led Lights –

You must have some previous years, string lights in that case mix and match them with Smart Led Lights with the help of Smart Plug. 

It saves your money on Smart Led Lights and overall you can create a better user experience in budget.

Conclusion – 

Led Lights are the latest and new age technology with every day there is a new development, Smart Led Lights are just the part of this advancement. 

With DIY Smart Lights Christmas, you can almost create any of the lighting effects imaginable and enjoy the scene with your family and friends.Also as they consume less power so that you can run them without power bill worry.

So that’s it for all today. There you have the best smart Christmas lights in 2023. May you & your family have the best of the festive season ahead. 

Good Luck, Stay Healthy & Safe.