Desk Lamp with Outlet and USB Port

Desk Lamp With Outlet And USB Port

Desk Lamp With Outlet And USB Port is very handy and useful tools for your office or house. Apart from lighting it provides a device charging and power options which is very useful.

But how you are going to decide which one is best for you.

Don’t worry, we have put hours at work and come up with cool and best desk lamps with an outlet and USB port option.

Do check out all the options before making a decision.

Here is quick list of the Best Desk Lamps with Outlet And USB Port


 Yostyle LED Desk Lamp with USB Port & Outlet


Ausfore Table Lamp with Outlets & USB Ports 


Lifeholder Bedside Lamps with 2 Phone Stands 


Vintage Table Lamp with USB Charging Port and AC Outlets


Rechargeable Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, Outlet & Pen Holder


 Premium Desk Table Lamp with USB and AC Power Outlet 


 Economical Desk Table Lamp with 1 USB Charging Port and 2 AC Power Outlet

Details & Specification of the Best Desk Lamps with Outlet And Usb Port in 2022

Yostyle LED Desk Lamp with Usb Port & Outlet

4 USB Charging Port and 2 AC Power Outlet, 8.2FT Extension Cord Power Strip Station, 3 Level Brightness, Touch Dimmer Control,Eye-Caring Lamp for Bedside, Office, Hotel, & Dorms

Desk Lamp With Outlet And Usb Port

This is a great table lamp with outlets and USB ports, which is perfect for your study table, office desk, dorm, bedside table or even for hotel rooms.

This desk lamp is quite handy, light weight, portable and also foldable for your traveling needs. It offers a fast chagrin USB option of 2.4 Amp.

This table lamp with ports has a flicker free and glare free lighting which is very good for long hours of working or studying under it. 

Key Features – 

  • 4 USB Ports & 2 AC Outlets – You will get 4 USB Ports with it. Having total capacity for 24W & 4.8Amp ( Max ) &  2 AC Outlet with 10Amp ( Max ).
  • 3 Level Brightness Setting – You can set the brightness of the lamp to low bright, medium light & high light with its touch sensitive button.
  • Flexible Lighting Arm –  It has a 180 degree adjustable lighting arm so that you can adjust it as per your comfort. Also you can overall fold the lamp.
  • Good Power Cable – You will get a 8.2 Ft long power cable so that you connect it to any power outlet in your room.
  • 3 Lighting Colors with Good Illumination – You will get 600 Lumen, with 4000 K Color temperature which further can be adjustable to 3 Colors.

Ausfore Table Lamp with Outlets & USB Ports 

“Bedside Desk Lamps with 4 USB Ports and AC Power Outlets, Alarm Clock Base , Modern Accent Nightstand Lamps for Bedrooms, Living Room”

Desk Lamp With Outlet And Usb Port

We know that you are looking for a lamp with an outlet and USB port but what if you can also get an alarm clock with it.

Won’t that be great. 

Next table lamp is a great multi usage desk lamp which can fulfill your charging and lighting requirement but also wake you up as per you need.

This modern bedside lamp looks great at any table or desk which comes with Square Oatmeal Fabric Lampshade. With its cool looking base and classy shade it can certainly increase the look and appeal of that space.

Key Features – 

  • Total 3 Outlet with 4 USB Ports – But practically you will get two outlets to use while using the lamp facility. 
  • Detachable Base –  Its base can easily be separated and solely can be used as an alarm clock with charging station.
  • Safe & Secure  – This is a UL Listed lamp which makes charging your mobile phone and other devices sage with its 1700 Joules surge protection.
  • Comes with Two Bulbs – This lamp comes with an 3000K 5W warm white LED bulb and 6500K 3W White LED bulbs which are flicker free and great for eyes.

Lifeholder Bedside Lamps with 2 Phone Stands 

“Table Lamp Include 2 Warm LED Bulbs, Nightstand Lamp Built in 2 USB Ports & 2 AC Outlet”


This one is an Exquisite Table Lamp which is great for your bedroom or for the living room, where you can place these sets of two lamps with Outlets.

This elegant looking desk lamp with USB ports & outlets, creates a contemporary look and enhances the beauty of your bedroom or living room.

It also gives you the functionality of placing the mobile at its base so that mobiles don’t fall off while charging from the table..

Key Features – 

  • 2 Ac Outlet with 2 USB Ports – It has one three Pin outlets & 1 two pin outlets with a couple of USB charging ports.
  • Pull Chain On/Off System – It features a cool looking chain pulling on/off switch.
  • Great for Decoration –  As it comes in a set of two. Also the white lamp shades with warm lighting provide you a cozy feeling anywhere you put it.

Vintage Table Lamp with USB Charging Port and AC Outlets

“3-Way Touch Control with 2 USB Charging Ports, AC Outlet & E26 Edison LED Bulbs Included, Industrial Metal Bedside Desk Nightstand Lamp”

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People who love old fashioned Edison Bulb, will love it.  This good looking desk lamp with outlets and usb ports can be a perfect decor item for your home.

With its beautiful wood color base, it gives a unique and different feeling which can be a eye catchy desk lamp with outlet & USB port.

It has a cool, tap way to dim its light. 

Key Features – 

  • Two Usb Ports with One Two Prong Ac Outlet. 
  • Three Level of Brightness – You can dimm this vintage table lamp with outlet to low, medium or high as per you need. 
  • A Vintage Edison Bulb – You will get a Vintage E 26 Led bulb with this which emits 2700K warm white lights with 800 Lumen & saves energy.
  • A Great Art Piece – The main attraction of this table lamp is the looks of this which also makes it a great piece of art in your house. 

Rechargeable Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, Outlet & Pen Holder

“3 Color Modes & Step less Dimming, 360° Flexible Metal Hose, Mini Cute Lamp for College Dorm, Bedroom & Reading”

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This is a Desk lamp with an organizer. This can be the best desk lamp with an USB port for a kids room. Sorry no Outlet, is there but it makes it up with all the other functions.

This has some really cool features which will definitely be loved by small one. Also it has cute night light which gives its edges over other table lamps.

This is a small,portable and cute looking lamp which can be placed anywhere.

Best part about this lamp is that it is a wireless rechargeable lamp which comes very handy in an emergency.

Key Features – 

  • 1 Lamp 5 Usage – It has a one usb charging port, and pen & pencil holder, a useful base where you place your phone, an adjustable light & and blue soft light at its base.
  • Stepless Brightness & different color modes – It has 3 lighting modes cold white, warm white and warm light to suit your different needs. Also its brightness can be adjusted to 10% to 100% the way you want. ( 3000K to 10000K Color Temperature ) 
  • Flexible Lamp head – It has 360 degree bendable gooseneck to adjust the lights as per you need. Also the light is flicker free and good for the eyes.
  • Rechargeable – It has a 4000 Mah in built battery which can be recharged completely in 3 hours and then work between 5 to 20 hours. 
  • Night Light with Memory Function – The night light mode is great for kids. Also with so many options sometimes it gets hard to handle so memory function is there to help you out.

Premium Desk Table Lamp with USB and AC Power Outlet 

“Base Gooseneck LED Bronze Rectangular Linen Shade for Living Room, Bedroom Bedside Nightstand”

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This one is a premium desk lamp with outlet and usb port. It has bronze finish which makes it a nice & great looking lamp with Oatmeal linen fabric shade.

The elegance it brings with it is great and makes the house much classier and appealing. 

Not only is it a good looking lamp with a contemporary style but also gives you a charging facility at your bedside.

Also it has a great build quality. 

You may find it a bit overpriced compared to others but as you know good things come at price.

Key Features – 

  • Power Outlet & USB Port – You will get one industrial power outlet and 2A USB port each.
  • A Gooseneck Spot Light – Apart from desk lamps it has flexible 5W led spot light which can be used for multipurposes. Also both the light desk lamp & spot light can be on/off individually with dual switches at the base.
  • Superb Built Quality – It has metal construction with bronze finish, making it one the best quality table lamp in this list.
  • Two Bulbs for Better Lighting – You can install two 60 Wall bulbs which is great for illumination of any sort of room any space.

Economical Desk Table Lamp with 1 USB Charging Port and 2 AC Power Outlet

“3 Color Model, 3 Level Brightness, Touch Dimmer Control,1h Timer, Memory Function,Eye-Caring Foldable Lamp”

Desk Lamp With Outlet And Usb Port

If you are price sensitive, then this is definitely one of the best options for you to go ahead. It is a simple, pretty and economical lamp which serves its purpose.

This is a lightweight, good 600 lumen lamp with outlet and USB port which take little space and fit almost anywhere easily.

Also its foldable and easy to carry lamps with some standard features.

Key Features –

  • 2 Power Outlet with 1 USB Port – It has two 3 prong AC power outlets with max 1250 wattage out & One DC 5V 2.4A  USB port.
  • Dimmable with 3 Color Temperature modes –  It has three different levels of brightness modes and three different color lighting for different needs.
  • One Lamp fits All –  This small lamp has a foldable led head and base with good lighting capacity. Useful for study, office, dorms, bedroom or for living rooms.
  • Touch Switch with Timer – It has a touch switch which makes it very easy to operate and it has a 60 minute timer function which is quite handy in times. 


As we have seen different types of Desk Lamp With Outlet And USB Port.

Clearly having one of them at our table or desk solves many purposes and saves you from having a bunch of wire at your desk.

Do check out this post on Best Battery Operated Floor Lamps Which talks about wireless floor lamps.

Hope you like the above given information. 

Have a Great Health & Life.