High Intensity Floor Lamps in 2023

High Intensity Floor lamps

Looking for High Intensity Floor Lamps then your search ends here. As we have done the hard work and find out some brightest floor lamps to light a room or space.

Also keep in mind that a floor lamp is not solely for lighting entirely. As it is an important piece of furniture. So it should gel with the current look and feel of the home and enhance the overall ambience of the space.

These modern floor lamps that are bright are perfect tools for creating a nice and cozy environment in your living room, in your room or office.

Top High Intensity Floor Lamps

Given below is a quick list before getting into the details of each floor lamps as per their USPs.

Our Preference –  Joofo High Intensity Floor Lamp

People’s Choice – Brightech Sky Led Torchiere Floor Lamp

Best Economical – Miroco LED Floor Lamp

Smart Floor Lamp – HueLiv WiFi Lamp with Alexa & Google Home  

Super High Intensity Floor Lamp O’Bright Dimmable LED Torchiere 

Super High Intensity Floor Lamps with Remote – Joly Joy 30W LED Torchiere 

Multi Utility – Brightech Shelf Floor Lamp with Charging Points 

Detailed Reviews & Specification of Selected High Intensity Floor Lamps in 2023

Joofo Tall Standing Floor Lamp

“ 30W/2400LM Sky LED Modern Torchiere 3 Color Temperatures Super Bright Floor Lamps with Remote & Touch Control for Living Room,Bedroom,Office ”

High Intensity Floor Lamps

This is a one serious high intensity floor lamp which gives you complete Value For Your Money.

Place it anywhere in your home, living room, kitchen, bedroom or also in the office. It has a Superior 2400 Lumen which can easily make a large space full lit. 

This 30 Watt Led Modern Floor Lamp comes in five variants of Black, Rocky Black, Brushed Nickel, Pearl white & in Silver Grey. 

Key Features – 

  • Great Lighting Specs – With 2400 Lumen & Three Different Colors modes from 3000 K to 5000 it gives you to decide what color of light you want. Cold White, Natural White or the classic Warm White.
  • Remote Control & Touch Control – With its remote control option you operate it from distance and adjust its brightness and change colors modes. In case you lost the remote then touch control is there to save you.
  • Supports Multi Tasking – Its light gives no flicker or strain to your eyes. So you can do all of your tasks like reading, crafting or watching a movie.
  • Adjustable Head with Sturdy Base – It has a solid weighted base makes it stable and wobble free. Also it has a rotatable head so that you can adjust as you like.

Overall a Great Product & the brightest floor lamps with such functions anyone can have in this budget.

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

“ Contemporary, High Lumen Light for Living Rooms & Offices – Dimmable, Indoor Pole Up light for Bedroom Reading ” 

High Intensity Floor Lamps

BRIGHTECH needs no introduction when it comes to lighting. They are one of the most popular lamp makers. Also you can connect this lamp to alexa using a smart plug.

This product is by far a Clear Popular Choice With More Than 11,000 Online Reviews and 80% of them are 5 Star shows, it is very popular among the people.

It is a Long Selling High Intensity Floor Lamp which is great for any sort of task. With its nice and sleek look it can merge and gel up with any sort of background.

Key Features – 

  • Built to Last –  Manufacturers claim that this lamp can go on for 20 Years considering that you are using it around for 3 hours a day. You kids can grow old with this lamp.
  • Super Bright – It has around  2200 lumen ( 3000 K Warm White ) which draws 26 wattage of power and can easily replace a 200 to 300 watt halogen light.  
  • Dimmable Floor Lamp – You can choose from its 3 level of brightness modes which suits your different requirement 
  •  Adjustable Head with Sturdy Base – its base quality is great and sturdy so you don’t flip over it. Also the head can be adjusted as well.  

Miroco Adjustable floor Lamp for Reading

“1815 Lumens, Adjustable LED Floor Light, Dimmable Reading Standing Lamp for Sewing, Living Room, Bedroom, Office”

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This is Among The Brightest Floor Lamps to light a room under this budget. It has a great working life of 50,000 Hours. 

It makes the perfect choice for people who are looking for an Adjustable Floor Reading Lamp. Considering that it has a Flicker Free &  Soft & Relaxing Led Light.

It is a Multipurpose Floor Lamp which can be used for drawing, crafts, sewing or for any task which requires a high illumination.

Key Features – 

  • High Intensity Floor Lamp – This 12W Led floor lamp provides 1815 lumen brightness which can easily light up the entire bedroom or living room. 
  • Multi Color & Adjustable Brightness – It offers 3 different colors of lighting that is white, warm white & cool white. Also you get 5 different levels of brightness at  (20% / 40% / 60% / 80% / 100%),
  • Two in One Functions – It is a reader floor lamp since it has a bendable gooseneck & adjustable height so that you can use it as a Desk Lamp or a Floor Lamp as well.
  • Lightweight & Stable – It weighs under 5 Lbs and has a sturdy base which makes it a portable and well balanced floor lamp which does not shake or wobble.

 HueLiv Super Bright Smart WiFi LED Floor Lamp 

“A Dimmable Torchiere for Reading, for Living Rooms Bedrooms, for DIY, Compatible with Alexa & Google Home”

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Home Automation Lovers will going to love this smart floor lamp which can produce a high intensity brightness of upto 2000 lumens with a great color temperature range of 2700K to 6500K

Highly recommend to people who already have such Smart Lights installed in their home.

These are Beautiful, Modern And Elegant Smart Lamps which can be used anywhere in the room. If you are a party person then it can create those vibes which just uplift the overall ambience.

Key Features – 

  • App & Voice Controlled – This lamp can be connected to WIFI and can be controlled via its Smart Life APP. Also this lamp is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Echo makes it fun to play with convenience.
  • Multi Colors with useful functions –  Since it is DIY type of floor lamp, you can choose the suitable color from 16 million color choices with adjustable brightness. Also you will get 8 Lighting modes with Music Mode option as well. 
  • A USB Port with Sensitive Touch Control – You will also get a usb port in its body which keeps your mobile phone or other devices charged. Also a touch control panel is also there to make it convenient for those who don’t like using mobile phones much.
  • A Memory Function – So that you don’t always have to set its brightness & color from starting which save a lot time every time you use it. 

 O’Bright Dimmable LED Top High Intensity Torchiere Floor Lamp,

“ 270° Tilt Head, 3000 Lumens, Adjustable Brightness, Standing Pole Lamp/Reading Light/Floor Lamps for Living Room, Bedrooms, Dorm and Office”

High Intensity Floor Lamps

Well, this is a Boss Of High Intensity Floor Lamps because it has the brightest lighting which can easily replace a 200W incandescent bulb. 

Best part about this floor lamp is its Unique Head Design. You can convert this lamp’s light upwards or downwards as per need with its 270 degree rotatable design.

Due to its Soft lighting it can be placed anywhere here in the home including living room, bedroom,  office or in a dorm. You can perform almost all the day to day tasks under this floor lamp.

Key Features – 

  • 3000 Lumens – Its 30W Led head gives a maximum illumination of 3000lm which ensures that it fill a big room easily with its soft light.
  • 3 Level of Brightness – It has smooth touch control with which you can adjust the brightness of this super high illumination floor lamp to low, medium or high.
  • Compatible with Smart Plug – This unique adjustable head floor lamp is easily connectable to smart plug,  dimmers or timers. Also it has the memory function so that you don’t have to reset every time you switch on this lamp.
  • Great Life Time – With its 50,000 working hours, this floor lamp is built for ages. Under which you can create those beautiful memories which can last forever. 

Joly Joy 30W LED High Intensity Floor Lamp

“Dimmable LED Floor Light with Remote Control and Touch Control, Standing Lamp with Stepless Dimmer for Living Room, Office and Bedroom”

High Intensity Floor Lamps

This is similar illumination like the last high intensity floor lamps. It has some other cool features which are missing in the last one.

This Joly Joy has a Super Bright Led Head which draws 30 watts and light up any big room easily. It is on the Top High Intensity Floor Lamps

This lamp provides flicker and glare free lighting which is great for reducing strain to your eyes. Also it has 7 Different Lighting Modes which comes very handy in different situations.

 Key Features – 

  • Illuminate any room – Its Led head has 336 led embed in it which produce 3000 Lumen which can light up any room in your house.
  • Great Color Temperature Range – 3000K to 5500K color temperature means you can light from cool to warm as per your need. Also the brightness is level free so you get more freedom with its brightness adjustment setting.
  • Remote Controlled – You will also get a wireless remote which has a good range of 30 feet so move free and control the lamp the way you want.
  • Strong Base – It has a plus shape heavy base which ensures its stability. Also due to base of the shape it is a wobble free lamp.

Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp

“Shelf Floor Lamp with USB Charging Ports & Electric Outlet – Tall & Narrow Tower Nightstand for Bedroom – Modern, Asian End Table with Light Attached” 

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Ok so this may be a modest intensity floor lamp but the kind of output it gives with its Different Utilities Makes It A Great Buy.

So this is a Floor Lamp, Has 3 Selves section, Has a Charging Point with Two USB outlets & is compatible with your voice assistance. Also Looks Great As Furniture Piece In Your home.

This lamp comes from Brightech based out of Los Angeles. Famous and Reliable makers of floor lamps. This lamp fits very nicely with your other furniture as it is a Simple, Minimalist Floor Lamp

Key Features – 

  • Create a Different Look – Unlike other floor lamps this lamp a different appeal. It provides that contemporary look which makes people say wow. 
  • Great Utility Floor Lamp – As mentioned above with its three 10.25*10.25 inches selves, 2 USB ports & 1 US Stander Electric outlet and of course a Lamp at the top make it a great lamp.
  • 800 Lumen with 3000K Color Temperature – Its Led Bulbs provides good illumination which can light up a space quite nicely. 
  • Pull Chain Switch – To turn on/off the lamp you will get a different pull chain switch which makes it quite unique among the other lamps.

Conclusion – 

Adding a High intensity floor lamp to any part of your house can elevate the look of the space apart from lighting up the space.

Lamps for the living room, add a great touch in your house along with fulfilling proper lighting needs such as reading, crafting, sewing, embroidery etc.

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Hope you like the information and details given above.

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